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Help / Templates

What are templates?

You can manage templates in the "Templates" tab.

Cardinal's foundational building block is the card. The data and structure of a card is defined by its template. Cardinal comes with two built-in templates, Documents and Discussions.

Your team can define your own templates to customize Cardinal to meet your unique needs. They allow you to create cards with specific fields and then create and edit data relating to them.

Template Examples

  • We have an Issue template at Cardinal, with Status, Issue Type, and Description fields. We use it to track bugs in Cardinal.
  • We have a Demo Call Template at Cardinal that we use when we do a Demo for a team interested in using Cardinal that helps us track who we did the demo for, how it went, and other notes about the call.
  • One customer uses a template to track property loans, with fields for all of the details of the property and the loan.