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for Humans

Cardinal helps teams save and track almost anything without writing code.

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Cardinal User Interface

Organizational Superpowers

Cardinal helps organize everything you’d usually track with spreadsheets and documents in a real-time, searchable, filterable database.

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Define templates for unique knowledge and processes


Our card based interface makes recording data a pleasure


Everything in Cardinal is real-time and comment enabled

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Template your data

Our drag and drop template designer makes it easy to define any data your team needs to track.

Cardinal Template Editor Interface

Customizable data capture

With Templates, Cardinal lets you define your own interfaces and data with a few clicks.

No development required

Build internal systems without writing a single line of code or deploying a single server.

Just enough structure

Templates are strongly defined so that your data is uniform, but they’re simple to update whenever you need.

Template library

Cardinal Discussion Interface

Get inspired

The template library is here to help your team find new patterns for sharing information and get inspired on how you can use Cardinal. Add predefined templates with a click.

Totally customizable

All templates can be customized to your heart’s desire. Start with a predefined template and then modify it to match your team’s needs.

Cardinal Discussion Interface

Save everything

Cardinal helps your team save and share knowledge so everyone is in the know.

Cardinal Task Interface

Structured, but flexible

Templates have a schema, so your team knows what to save, but are easy to edit. Change is no problem.

Collaborate and comment

Everything updates in real-time, and everything has comments so questions and feedback have context.

Fine-grained permissions

Share information with exactly who needs to see it, including groups or the entire team.

Everyone's welcome

Unlimited Users

All of our pricing tiers include unlimited users, so everyone on your team can take part without you having to upgrade and pay more. Feel free to invite the whole team.

Predictable Pricing

Fixed rate pricing means your team will always know what you’re spending on Cardinal. We’ve got plans for teams of all sizes and usage levels, from startup to enterprise.

Found it!

Fast search and robust filtering help your team find and organize data exactly how you need it.

Cardinal Search Interface

Really good search

If you can’t find it, did it really happen? Find exactly what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Robust filtering

Find exactly what you want with an intuitive interface for filtering search results.

Saved searches

Once you’ve figured out the perfect search, save it. Results update in real-time with the latest data.

They like us.
They really like us.

“Cardinal is an amazing tool for us. We are so much more organized now. Tracking and sharing information, answering questions quickly, it's been super useful and I'd recommend it for any team.”

Headshot of Huston Hedinger
Huston Hedinger
CEO at Hedinger Group

“My team and I have found immense value in Cardinal. Firstly, templates have significantly sped up our workflow, allowing us to save time and focus on the content rather than spending time messing around with formatting. They have also played a vital role in keeping our recent projects organized and facilitating collaboration among members of my team.

Additionally, the standardized layout and tags in association with the templates have made documents easily searchable, saving us the hassle of sifting through numerous files. Overall, we've found great value in utilizing Cardinal, it's been providing us with a streamlined and efficient workflow and I would recommend this platform to other managers/teams looking to up their efficiencies.”

Headshot of Rob Allessi
Rob Allessi
Customer Experience Manager at Discord

“The way Cardinal is set up is great. You can follow cards you're interested in, and basically ignore everything else. If you need to come back to it, the information is easy to find because Cardinal has great search and organization features. I'm excited to see how they roll out additional features to leverage their data models.”

Headshot of Brandon Baker
Brandon Baker
Principal Software Engineer at Pushnami