Structured Communication
for Deliberate Teams

Cardinal keeps your team in sync without taking away their ability to focus
Real-time Documents Interface

More Than Chat

We’ve set out to build the best team communication platform we can build. That meant combining discussions and knowledge management to help teams record, discover, and recall everything.



Discuss to figure out what needs to happen collaboratively



Codify ideas and normalize how your team operates



Refine workflows with templates that fit your team’s needs

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Everyone’s welcome

Unlimited users

All of our pricing tiers include unlimited users, so everyone on your team can take part without you having to upgrade and pay more. Feel free to invite the whole team

Predictable pricing

Fixed rate pricing means your team will always know what you’re spending on Cardinal. We’ve got plans for teams of all sizes and usage levels, from startup to enterprise

Focused Discussions

The Discussion Interface

Focused Discussions

Threads, Not Channels

Cardinal gives your team discussions in focused threads. No more figuring out who was responding to what or trying to find a set of messages interleaved within broader discussions.

Asynchronous By Default

There are no dots telling you someone else is typing in Cardinal. We purposefully don’t design around the fear of missing out to control your team’s behavior. Discuss when you need to, focus elsewhere otherwise.

Document Your Knowledge

Real-time Documents Interface

Document Your Knowledge

Cardinal helps your team document what you know so that everyone stays on the same page

Real-time Documents Interface

Readable by default

We focus on keeping documents uncluttered and easy to read and write. Our intuitive editor helps your team communicate through writing.

Live collaboration

Documents update in real-time, so you can see edits from everyone on your team as they’re happening. Comment to collaborate on ideas as documents evolve.

Rich Features

Documents support checklists, embedded images and files, and the other features you’d expect from a great documentation tool

Refined by you

Template Designer Interface

Refined by you

Our drag and drop template designer makes it easy to refine Cardinal to your team’s specific needs

Card Designer Interface

Your team first

Rather than forcing you into rigid ways to work, Cardinal lets your team refine how it works to fit how you work

Keep it simple

Customizing software can feel terrifying. We take the terror away by making keeping it as simple as dragging and clicking

Inspiration available

Coming soon We have a library of popular templates to help your team find inspiration for the many ways you can use Cardinal

Found It!

Found It!

Fast search and robust filtering help you stay up to date with the right information.

The Search Interface

Really good search

If you can’t find it, did it really happen? Cardinal’s search was built to help you find exactly what you’re looking for as quickly as possible

Robust filtering

Filter your searches by what you’re watching and labels to limit them to only what you want to see. You can even filter against custom fields

Saved searches

Once you’ve figured out the perfect search, you want to keep it. Save searches and return to them with a single click

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