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Help / Search and Organization


One of our chief goals with building Cardinal is to make it easy for people on a team to find the information they need, when they need it.

Search Filtering

You can click the # icon in the search bar to open a menu and filter to a specific label. You can also open click the More Filters icon next to the # icon to filter by watching, archived, and template.

If you choose to filter by template, a set of options will appear to allow you to filter by any filterable fields in that template. For example, if a template includes a Date field, you can filter to cards that have that field set before or after a specific value.

Saved Searches

You can save common searches as feeds to easily return to them. Once you refine a search as you'd like to save it, hit the save button next to the search input and you'll be prompted to name the new feed. Once saved it's accessible in the sidebar.