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Introducing Updates, and More

March 7, 2022 in Changelog

It's been a very busy few weeks, and we've got lots of new features to share as a result!


Updates Screenshot

First up is a new feature, called Updates. And yes, it's awkward to announce the update that includes a feature named Update.

Updates lists updated cards you are watching. Each update includes a quick summary of the latest change. You can click on the update to view it and mark it read, or mark all updates read.

This is the new default page after you log in, so you can't miss it.

Card Types Are Now Templates

We've renamed Card Types to be Templates. It's one less character to type and keeps us from having to say weird things like "Make a card from the new card type."

Navigation Improvements

Navigation Screenshot

We've also restructured Cardinal's navigation. We now include three links in the sidebar for Updates, Search, and Templates.

Search Enhancements

Search Screenshot

Search is now only on the Search tab, rather than on every feed. You can still filter feeds by clicking the Refine button from any feed.

Team Menus

Team Menus

Finally, we launched Team Menus. Team menus let you add fields to cards that allow you to select members of your team. Configure them to allow you to select people, groups, or both. They're great for things like marking the assignee for a card.