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Delete Cards

July 23, 2021 in Changelog

We have a lot of cool work in flight, but in the meantime one piece was ready for release, and hey, who ever said it was a bad idea to ship something on a Friday (everyone).

We've added the ability to delete cards that you create under the Options section on each card view. For now only card owners can delete cards, but that will likely expand to include team admins in the future as well.

To delete a card that you are the owner of navigate to it and click delete in the right hand Options section. You'll have to confirm deleting because it's a permanent action.

Delete Card Screenshot

Be sure you truly want to delete a card. It's a permanent action and cannot be undone, and also deletes any attachments, comments, and activity on the card. If you want to keep a card out of search results but also want to retain its data, you can Archive it.