Saved Searches

Published March 15, 2021

Saved searches are finally here! We've been refining the saved searches design for a while and were finally ready to finalize it all and ship it!

Saved Searches

With the flexibility around defining custom cards and search that Cardinal has, we've always known that saving a search for later would be important. Our first iteration of saved searches was simply making sure that search URLs were consistent so that we could bookmark searches and then re-use those bookmarks with the latest data. We used that technique as we worked toward launch a few weeks ago to manage lists of release issues and other launch details.

We think creating saved searches is about as simple as it could be. Simply refine a feed with the search bar, enter a name in the sidebar, and hit enter to save the search. Saved searches make it so that you can always come back to a perfectly refined list of cards for ongoing work.


This release also includes bugfixes for an issue where the color selector in the label edit modal would lose focus on change, and an issue where attachment file downloads were downloading with our internal ids as the filename, rather than the original filename.

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