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We want to be fully transparent to our customers about how we plan to improve Cardinal. Here are our upcoming features in no particular order.

Saved Searches

Shipped March 15, 2021

Saved searches will help people build useful filters that they can return to at any time. In general, saved searches will let you click a save button and name a search, and will add it to the sidebar in the card list.

Team Switcher

Shipped March 29, 2021

The team switcher will let members of multiple teams quickly switch between teams from within the user interface.

Label Management in Settings

Shipped June 7, 2021

You should be able to manage labels both from settings and from the labels menu.

Custom Card Enhancements

Shipped July 5, 2021

Our first pass at custom cards brought up so many more ideas for improvement. In this pass we'll refine the custom card type creation flow.


Shipped August 16, 2021

Create groups of team members and treat those groups as if they were a person for sharing and mentions. This feature will include an Everyone group for allowing sharing and mentions to everyone in a workspace.

Self-Service Account Deletion

You'll be able to delete your account on your own, without help from us.

EU Storage Region

It's always been our goal to give teams flexibility about where they store their data. We're launching in preview with just our US region, and we'd like to stand up the EU region next.

Card History

We currently store all of the information about card changes, but don't surface them anywhere. Our card history UI will let you view the entire history of a card.

Notification Configuration

We'll give you the ability to disable the notifications for new shares and unseen updates.


It has always been our intention to provide an API with Cardinal. It will allow you to create and update cards, and will include all the expected tooling around APIs.

Table Improvements

We want our editor to be outstanding, and we know that our tables feature specifically needs a lot of improvements.